2.5oz. Brick melts

2.5oz. Brick melts


The mini wax melts are perfect for all size wax warmers...just add a couple of bricks to the warmer and you're set for about a month! After that, you can empty out the wax from the warmer and add two more to last another month!! 


For a larger option check out our 5oz. Brick Melts! 


Signature scent descriptions

Porch swing - Sweet fruit with a hint of green fields! This is our most popular scent! We imagined smelling the ripened strawberries, and all the sweet blooms in the air while relaxing on the porch swing with this scent.


Country Sunset - inspired by an oakmoss breeze, with warm musk. We imagine sitting on a hillside watching the sunset with this scent.


Ohana - it means family! What else brings the family together better than the smells of pineapple and a vacation atmosphere!? This is also very much like a magical destination we all love ;)


Lush Lemon - ok, this title says everything about this! It’s not sweetened, it’s clean! It’s like you’ve been scrubbing the house with a bottle of lemon oil all day! VERY energizing (maybe because you didn’t actually exhaust yourself cleaning all day and it just smells like you did)!


Pecan Pie - Remember the way the house smelled the day you baked that AHHMAZING pecan pie from scratch? No? Not a big baker? Well, we’ve got you covered! Open that store-bought bad boy up, throw away the wrapper evidence, light this candle up, and waaaaallllaaahhh!


Amazing Grace - I’ll get sappy for a moment...this was named in memory of my Mawmaw Tavie. This is the most relaxing, tranquil, take you to your happy place candle there ever was! It’s a mix of baked brown sugar, fig preserves, and a warm hug from your sweet grandma.

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